Baguio Coffeeko Online Classifieds

Launch date: 05-31-2010

Purpose: To provide residents from the Philippines (specially Baguio) residents  a site to  post their classified ads online in a free, simple and graphical way.

Etymology: Term The fact caffeine from coffee keeps you awake. Working on this site also has similar effect on it’s author hence, the name Coffeeko. :)

Change logs:

April 11, 2011
– (jay) Updated interface to display larger thumbnails
– (jay) Included facebook connect login and autoregistration based on fb credentials capability
– (jay) Included tooltip feature to preview an entry

August 04, 2010
– (jay) Sorted thumbnails by categories in the home page.

July 30, 2010
-(jay) Added a modified slimbox to zoom in images in main page.
> Click the title of the zoomed image to proceed to details page.  Hover out the image to close zoomed image.

July 22, 2010
-(jay) Added HoverIntent to javascript events to stop ‘accidental’ mouseovers from firing javascript actions

July 06, 2010
– (jay) Added gallery (index page) thumbnail feature from ‘offsite’ images using ‘from URL’ option when attaching an image to post